Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Council Online Planning - Decision Notice Summary

Planning Application Number: RB2017/1577
Site Address: land adjacent Dinnington Road Woodsetts 9999
Description: Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobilisation of drilling, ancillary equipment and contractor welfare facilities to drill and pressure transient test a vertical hydrocarbon exploratory core well and mobilisation of workover rig, listening well operations, and retention of the site and wellhead assembly gear for a temporary period of 5 years
Officer Recommendation: REFUSED
Officer Recommendation Date: 05 March 2018
Decision Date: 09 March 2018
Decision Type: REFUSED
Temporary Expiry Date:
Decision Level/Committee: Committee
Conditions / Reason for Refusal: 01 The Council considers that the supporting ecological information provided with the application is deficient to determine the application. The application red-edge site area lies approximately 25m from Dewidales Ancient Woodlands (eastern block) and there is significant built development less than 50m of the woodland boundary. The applicant has submitted insufficient evidence to justify this limited buffer protection area. The Council further notes that due to the lack of an adequate bat, badger and breeding bird survey, it cannot fully assess the potential future adverse impact on the adjacent wildlife and local ecology. Accordingly the applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated that the development can satisfactorily mitigate the potential for harm to the ecology of the surrounding rural environment, contrary to paragraph 118 of the National Planning Policy Framework which indicates that if significant harm resulting from a development cannot be avoided then planning permission should be refused. 02 The Council consider that the proposed development, which will significantly increase the number of HGV movements through the village of Woodsetts, the surrounding highways and at the junction with the proposed access on Dinnington Road, would give rise to unacceptable highways safety issues, including increased likelihood of conflict with vulnerable road users such as cyclists, equestrians, children and the elderly such that it would be contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework which expects developments to include safe and suitable access for all people. POSITIVE AND PROACTIVE STATEMENT The applicant and the Local Planning Authority engaged in pre application discussions to consider the development before the submission of the planning application. Additional ecological information was submitted during the determination of the panning application, but these did not overcome the concerns of the Planning Authority. It was not considered to be in accordance with the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework and resulted in this refusal.

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