Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Council Online Planning - Decision Notice Summary

Planning Application Number: RB2019/1525
Site Address: Letwell Village Hall Barker Hades Road Letwell 9999
Description: Application to fell a cherry tree protected by RMBC Tree Preservation Order 1, 1952
Officer Recommendation: GRANTED CONDITIONALLY
Officer Recommendation Date: 07 November 2019
Decision Date: 07 November 2019
Temporary Expiry Date:
Decision Level/Committee: Proposed to be Delegated
Conditions / Reason for Refusal: 01 Within 12 months from the date of this permission, a replacement tree of similar species to that removed shall be planted in accordance with details to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The replacement tree shall be of a size not less than 10-12cm girth when planted and if different specie from that removed the following are recommended: Prunus amanogawa Prunus padus Albertii Prunus Pandora Prunus sargentii Rancho Prunus Sunset Boulevard Prunus x hillieri spire Prunus Umineko Reason To ensure that there is a well laid out scheme of healthy trees and shrubs in the interests of amenity. Informative(s) 01 Please note the authorised works should be completed within 2 years of the decision notice otherwise a new application for consent to carry out any non-exempt tree work will be required. 02 It is recommended that planting takes place between the months of October and February but being careful to avoid periods of waterlogging or hard frost. 03 04 Nature conservation protection under UK and EU legislation is irrespective of the planning system and the applicant should therefore ensure that any activity undertaken, regardless of the need for any planning consent, complies with the appropriate wildlife legislation. If any protected species are found on the site then work should halt immediately and an appropriately qualified ecologist should be consulted. For definitive information primary legislative sources should be consulted. Furthermore, vegetation removal should be undertaken outside of the bird breeding season, March to September inclusive. If any clearance work is to be carried out within this period, a nest search by a suitably qualified ecologist should be undertaken immediately preceding the works. If any active nests are present, work which may cause destruction of nests or, disturbance to the resident birds must cease until the young have fledged.

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