Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Council Online Planning - Decision Notice Summary

Planning Application Number: RB2019/1479
Site Address: 36 Westgate Rotherham Town Centre 0036
Description: Application to vary Condition 02 to allow minor changes to floor layout imposed by RB2018/1082
Officer Recommendation: GRANTED CONDITIONALLY
Officer Recommendation Date: 07 November 2019
Decision Date: 07 November 2019
Temporary Expiry Date:
Decision Level/Committee: Proposed to be Delegated
Conditions / Reason for Refusal: 01 The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the expiration of three years from the date of the original permission (RB2018/1082) that is by 8 October 2021. Reason In order to comply with the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. 02 The permission hereby granted shall relate to the area shown outlined in red on the approved site plan and the development shall only take place in accordance with the submitted details and specifications as shown on the approved plans (as set out below) Site Location Plan at 1:1250, received 19 September 2019 Block Plan at 1:500, received 3 August 2018 010 rev B, received 19 September 2019 011 rev B, received 19 September 2019 012 rev B, received 19 September 2019 013 rev B, received 19 September 2019 Reason To define the permission and for the avoidance of doubt. 03 The materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the development hereby permitted shall match those used in the existing building. Reason In order to ensure a satisfactory appearance in the interests of visual amenity. 04 All cooking fumes shall be exhausted from the building via a suitable extraction / filtration system. This shall include discharges at a point not less than one metre above the highest point of the ridge. The extraction / filtration system shall be maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. The system shall be operated effectively during cooking. Reason So as to ensure correct dispersion of cooking odours to avoid disamenity to the locality. 05 Prior to the occupation of the building, details of the siting of a secure litter containers within application site and arrangements for emptying shall be submitted to and approved in writing by Local Planning Authority. The approved details shall be implemented prior to the first occupation of the unit. Reason In the interests of visual amenity and to reduce the problem of litter. 06 The use hereby permitted shall only be open to customers or for deliveries between the hours of 1100 and 0000 Sundays to Fridays and 1100 and 0200 on Saturdays. Reason In the interests of the amenities of the occupiers of nearby dwellings. Informative(s) 01 The granting of this planning permission does not authorise any signage to be erected related to the development. Such signage is controlled by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 and a separate application for advertisement consent may be required. 02 Please note that the threshold at the intended fire exit to Westgate is significantly higher than the footway and highway officers would be unable to support any future changes to the footway level in this location. POSITIVE AND PROACTIVE STATEMENT Whilst the applicant did not enter into any pre application discussions with the Local Planning Authority, the proposals were in accordance with the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework and did not require any alterations or modification.

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